If you are planning long mountain hike then physical training is what you need! Your body needs to adjust to specific physical activity so you can enjoy hiking and don’t have any muscle pain. :-)

The main reason of preparatory trainings is to increase your endurance. It is better to start your trainings 1,5-2 months before the trek. Ideally it’s when you can keep your body in shape for the whole life!

Here you will find recommendations regarding physical trainings before long-lasting mountain treks. All the recommendations bellow are for beginners. :-)


Run  – is one of the most effective and basic preparation for mountains hiking. 

If you never tried it we suggest you to pay more attention on it. :-) It’s one of the cheapest and most affordable ways to stay healthy.

For beginners it’s better to start from 2-3 km in slow pace. To get the result you need to do it systematically, have trainings 2-3 times a week increasing the time and the distance. As a result you will last more during your hiking and your heart and legs will adjust to pressure.

After 2 weeks of training (or earlier if you feel that it’s too easy) you can increase intensity:

  • Increase distance and speed gradually;
  • Add some rugged terrain and hills to your run;
  • Add interval run to your trainings – run with changing speed from slow to very fast. You can rotate it as 1:2. For example, 200m quick pace then 400m slow pace and so on. It’s not recommended to start your training from quick pace. It’s better to start with 1- 2 km slow pace run and the same way for finishing;
  • With time you can change the number of training days/week if you feel that are ready.


We recommend some exercises for your legs except running:

  • Squatting.  Squat without lifting the heels off the ground. Start from 10 times/set (minimum 3 sets).
  • Squatting on one leg. First you can adhere to something for balance. Start from 3 times 3 sets (you can do more if it’s too easy). 
  • Running up and down stairs.  Don’t miss any stair and don’t rush on the way down. Start from 30m (9 floors).
  • Lunges. You can start from 10 lunges for each leg. Do several sets.

It is very important to increase the intensity every 1-2 weeks. You need to feel how you “grow” otherwise why you need it at all ;-)

There will be some pressure on your back and press as well. t is important to add to your training some exercises that suit you for these muscles.

We recommend adding some load to your run starting from 1time/week increasing to 3 times/week.

Start every training from warm up and workout. This ritual will save you from unexpected injuries. After you finish your training don’t forget about stretching.

Remember that quality rest is as important as the training itself. That’s why good nutrition and sleep should become your best friends for this period of time.

One more thing :-) If one day your mood is not perfect or you don’t feel like training at all please try to conduct at least half of your training plan. Even 2 km run don’t let you go back.

P.S. Training is very individual. Better than you no one can understand your body. It’s important to listen to yourself.

Stay strong and healthy!

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