Granting one of our trips to Nepal!


We continue giving you tours for free and more promotions ;)

So here are three offers that give you an opportunity to get 10-50% discount or a trip to Nepal for free! ;-)

P.S. This offer is permanent! It applies to all tours to Nepal (autumn, spring).

The details about tours to Nepal are here.

Up to 100% discounts!


Друзья, только до 10 октября скидка 20% на все туры в Непал.

Если вы давно мечтали посмотреть на самые высокие горы собственными глазами – это ваш шанс.

Оставь заявку на сайте на участие в треккинге до 10.10.2016 (включительно) и получи гарантированую скидку 20%. 

Выбери свое путешествие здесь.

П.С.: эта скидка не суммируется с остальными акциями.



Get your trip to Nepal!

We give you tour for free if you are active and can convince 5 friends, acquaintances or some strangers to go with you to Nepal!


  • 5 people need to specify that applying for the tour with your recommendation;
  • They never travelled with Enjoying Life before;
  • All 5 people need to take part in the tour you choose.


  • If you follow all the conditions you will get tour to Nepal at the price of 0.00$!
  • Costs that are not included to the tour are considered as you own expenses.


It’s cheaper with a friend!

You will get 10% off for each friend, acquaintance or just a stranger you motivate to go to Nepal!

So if 1, 2, 3 or 4 friends take part you will get 10%, 20%, 30% or 40% discount for this tour accordingly. And if there are 5 friends we will give you this tour for free!


  • Your friend needs to specify that is applying for the tour with your recommendation;
  • He/she never travelled with Enjoying Life before;
  • Your friend needs to take part in the tour to Nepal.


Become our client and get your discount!


If you travelled with us before you get 10% discount for any tour you choose including Nepal.

If you haven’t travelled with our team before you can choose the best tour for you here and get discount for all your future tours with Enjoying Life including Himalayas!

P.S.: This discount can be added to other discounts!